Taipei Municipality

Taipei Municipality Embarks on Smart City Initiative Powered by Billion Electric Collaborating with Global Leading LED Enterprise

Executive Summary
To migrate traditional streetlight to LED technology, Billion teamed up with of the global leading LED manufacturers who joined Taipei municipality’s tender at the forefront of city roadmaps at Xinyi Road, Taipei City to prove its core technology to achieve smart city concept. Miscellaneous data gathered from various sources such as environmental sensors, street IP-Camera, and traffic monitor in the city are complicated yet essential for city management. Billion provides an intelligent streetlight control system to fulfill the legislative’s expectation for giving a long-term streetlighting control solution with unlimited and ever-efficient management support.

Controlling and managing individual city lights is indeed a significant obstacle for the urban cities, which requires real-time data tracking and analysis, remote troubleshooting for the specified abnormal streetlights, and advanced dimming functionalities to achieve energy-saving and city sustainability. Collecting the tremendous amount of data input from separated sources could be a very costly and time-consuming task. Hence the LED technology supplier acts as system integrator sought a centralized platform for data acquisition and management to address these local challenges.

Our Solution
By bringing together LED lights and a revolutionary IoT lighting control system, products and services, Taipei municipality project was successfully rolled out. The project aims to monitor current, voltage, and total power consumption on the daily, monthly and yearly basis for every individual streetlight and combine the massive amount of information from different scenarios into a single platform.

Billion LCMS provides a state-of-art technology through the combination of broadband powerline and wireless communication with a communicative cloud computing server. It can monitor individual streetlight to ensure the contentious operation through real-time troubleshooting and instantly indicate any pinpoint malfunction with embedded map functions. Integrated with alarms system, LCMS can maximize the speed of repair by delivering notification via email/SMS to city government, resulting in a dynamic and ever-efficient streetlight management.


Regardless of streetlight quantities, single or group management, Billion LCMS is compatible with extensive range of LED lights even the conventional light bulb. Billion SG7500 Intelligent Power Lighting Control Box measures AC voltage output, current and power consumption and able to control dimming functions of individual streetlights. Meanwhile, SG7530 Broadband Powerline Smart Streetlight Wireless Bridge collects each detailed segment data through PLC and transfers the information of every power transformer through wireless. Engaging with LCMS software, Billion SG7510 serves as a backhaul to gather all messages and enables data transmission through 3G/4G or EWAN and displayed at the back-end system without any boundaries.

In addition to energy-savings from LED lights, Billion LCMS provides more than 10% energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emission through advanced schedule management to adjust lamp dimming level. It can measure the sunrise and sunset time to automatically turn on/off each streetlight, which can dramatically decrease electricity bill and further achieve the city sustainability in the long-run. 

Billion surpassed both client’s and government’s expectation, and even citizens are delighted with the significant transformation from existing city infrastructure to anticipated smart city concept. Through implementing LCMS, city administrators enjoy comprehensive yet straightforward data display with only a fingertip away to generate more energy-savings, shorten downtime, considerable budget-saving for city councils, and revitalize high quality of residents’ life.