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Broadband Powerline Smart Street Light Control & Management System - LCMS™

Smart Outdoor LCMS™ is a Smart Streetlight Control and Management System based on broadband power-line communication technologies, highlighting the transmission bandwidths, signal stability, and installation convenience. Broadband powerline communication provides the unique advantages that can meet the diverse demands of our worldwide clients. From monitoring street light status, generating energy saving reports to remotely switching power on, off and dimming, Smart Outdoor LCMS™ provides versatile, user-friendly functionalities with complete sets of administrative features to offer an upgraded street light control experience.

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Smart Outdoor LCMS™ aims to assist global system integrators, communities, and municipalities to reduce the manpower and the money spent on street light maintenance services. Through providing a user-define table with ten dimming options, energy saving configurations, and automatic on and off control based on local sunrise and sunset schedules, Smart Outdoor LCMS™ can help nations in protecting today's scarce energy resources and growing tomorrow's growing ecosystem.
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Smart Outdoor LCMS™ allows administrators to control lighting on and off from sitting back at the office. Unlike other lighting control brands who used ZigBee, GSM, Wireless, Narrowband technologies, we adopt Broadband Power-Line (BPL) communication to overcome short distance signal delivery, limited numbers of off-line administrator access, and data transmission instability.

When connecting 
smart street lighting controllers with Billion outdoor LED driver built with advanced lighting dimmer, we can further analyze and maximize the performance, efficiency, and the reliability of any public light with the intelligent dimming control. 

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Smart Outdoor LCMS™ abundantly expands the number of manageable streetlights and broadens the control areas to overcome distance limitation. The system provides an excellent dimming and energy saving roadmap based on local sunrise and sunset schedules.

 administrators can perform different levels of off-line monitoring authorities to not only oversee the operations of a single or a group of geographically scattered street lamps, but also to offer maintenance service and maximize energy efficiency by dimming street lights more conveniently.

The detailed information of individual street lights, including the fixture images, current, voltage, operational status, and power consumption can be easily accessed through a browsers-based portal to enable a centralized and open street light management. 

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The amount of energy that could be reduced after the replacement of LED street lights, dimmable outdoor LED drivers, and Smart Outdoor LCMS™ is up to 80% and more. Not only just dimming the lights to reduce the waste of energy and utility  costs, but we also enhance the traffic management for rural roads, urban streets, and industrial pave with the improved visibility in the night to protect the safety of the driver. It is ideal for project managers and system integrators whose primary goals are to join municipality's public tenders for
  • Building an intelligent street light ecosystem with more energy efficiency and less carbon emission.
  • Optimizing energy efficiency performance and safety standards for energy-saving lighting products.
  • Raising the awareness of the usage of intelligent street light control technologies

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